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Tips to creating the best sleep environment for rooms of any size

Tips to creating the best sleep environment for rooms of any size

Do you struggle to fall asleep, tossing and turning all night?

There could be many different causes for this. But a prevalent one is that often you can’t get comfortable. Various factors lead to this. Either you have an old and uneven mattress, leading to an uncomfortable bed. Or perhaps your room is too hot or too cold. Lighting is also an essential factor. Too much ambient lighting can affect your sleep, resulting in difficulty to shut off your brain at night.

Creating an optimal sleep environment is one of the best things to ensure deep, restful, restorative sleep. And developing such an environment is possible no matter the size of your bedroom. This article will offer some tips for bedrooms of all sizes.

Declutter your room

A messy room can lead to a confused mind, and Decluttering your room can help you free your mind of clutter. Studies show that a cluttered sleeping environment can induce stress, making it more difficult for you to attain anything resembling peace or serenity. A few minutes every night to clean up around your room can make a difference. 

Beyond nightly clean-up, how can you ensure your room remains relatively clutter-free?

For small bedrooms: 

Look for clever ways to increase storage by using small baskets, boxes, vertical shelves, etc. Use spaces you don’t usually use to store items like beneath the bed, dresser. Try also to optimise your closet space and keep clutter out of sight. 

For large bedrooms: 

When your room has a larger space, do not use that as an excuse to use it as a parking space for items you seldom use. Use your space wisely. Keep things often around you. Keep a designated workspace in a particular area of your room and use it only for work. Keep your bed tidy as often as possible. As we mentioned, clutter out of sight is clutter out of mind. 

Choose the right bedroom colour.

Believe it or not, even the colour of your bedroom can impact sleep quality. Some colours are more calming than others, helping prepare your mind for a good night’s rest. According to experts, the most soothing bedroom colours are fantastic, like light blue and grey, and neutral tones also work well. If your current bedroom palette involves hotter, more vibrant tones, you may be due for a new paint job.

For small bedrooms: 

Soft tones of white, blue and green can be soothing on the eyes and help your bedroom looks larger. Consider placing mirrors on empty walls in your room to have the effect of a larger space. 

For large bedrooms: 

For larger rooms, use warmer tones such as autumnal colours, peach or off whites. 

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