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Choosing your perfect sustainable mattress

Choosing your perfect sustainable mattress

What helps you sleep better at night? Climate crisis? Knowing that little underaged children worked through sleepless nights to get you the bed you lay in every night? Or environmental injustices associated with the mattress industry!

Are you sleeping on an environmental-human rights nightmare? Well, let's change that then. It's every one of our responsibilities to ensure that we use eco-friendly mattress brands to give you the cleanest conscience for the deepest sleep.

The good news is that choices once limited to size and firmness now include eco-friendly options. If you prefer an innerspring mattress, consider getting steel coils surrounded by layers of fluffy padding. Look into beds made from organic cotton and wool, with steel coils that aren't coated in chemicals.

 Chemicals stink

The smell that will keep you awake at night is a cocktail of chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with skin irritation and respiratory problems.

Choosing sustainable materials over harmful chemicals is one of the best ways to cut the toxins you inhale while sleeping. We would also advise you to let your new bed air out in a spare room or garage before using it.

 Get the real deal

Mattress manufacturers use the terms clean and organic however they want, and there isn't much standardization. When shopping, ignore words like econaturalorganic, ayurvedic, etc. Instead, seek out companies that explain ingredients properly and can point to where materials are sourced. What's even better is to look for third-party certification.

When you lay down on your mattress, rest peacefully knowing that you had done what it takes to make your bed eco-friendlier, and as a result, you will sleep just fine.

 Save the planet with us.


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