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How to Choose the right pillow for back pain?

How to Choose the right pillow for back pain?


If you've been browsing the internet even for a second for a good pillow, you know there's a seemingly endless ocean of pillows. From this never-ending list of options, how do we pick what's right for us? Don't worry; we've compiled a list of comprehensive factors that could help you in this process. Our list will help you with your sleep needs and make the correct pillow purchase for lasting relief from neck pain.

So here we go!

What's the perfect pillow for Back pain?

In our world, a perfect pillow is more than comfort. The perfect pillow;

  • It helps alleviate many common forms of back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip, and other forms of joint pain.
  • Keeps the upper body in alignment during sleep, all night long.
  • It relieves pressure and counterbalances the points of your entire body. 
  • Adjusts to fit one's unique shape, curvature, and sleeping position.
  • Side sleeper: Our recommendation is a pillow with a high loft and firmer support. This pillow will relieve pressure on your shoulder and ensure that it's not taking all the brunt of your body's weight.
  • Back sleepers need a pillow with medium loft and firmness. Why? This pillow keeps their head supported enough to be aligned with the spine.
  • Stomach sleeper: the pillow should be relatively flat. This pillow will ensure that the headrests are directly on the mattress, so the head and neck aren't strained. 
  • Other factors like;
    • Cooling qualities: Hot sleepers should look for pillows with cooling properties or a cooling gel pad on either side of the bed.
    • Detachable middle insert, which allows you to experiment with loft and firmness.
    • Bouncy middle support materials provide buoyant, springy support.

Final thoughts

Remember that everything written so far is not mandatory (and they might or might not be specific to you). The idea is to learn more about the world of sleep accessories so that you can use your pillow wisdom to fulfil all your bedding fantasies.

Like there are a billion options for pillows and other sleep accessories, many varieties of sleepers, too, whose requirements vary from person to person. There is no such thing as an ideal pillow that will fit everyone. Changes in support levels, body positions, and even the fabric used may make some people lean towards one type of pillow over another.

Let us help you

Since you are shopping for pillows, why not get something that appeals to your body's needs? That's where we come in. If you ever feel lost in the wide world of bedding, head straight to Mattress Club Store.

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