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We're delivering around India for Free (Limited Period Offer) 🎉
We're delivering around India for Free (Limited Period Offer) 🎉

Natural Latex Contour Pillow - The Cervical Specialist

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Scientifically designed and tested pillows for individuals who need contour-shaped support for their necks. Recommended by medical practitioners, this pillow helps ease stress and discomfort in the lower region of one’s neck.

Superior Comfort

The 100% Natural Latex, denser than cotton, provides sleep-inducing buoyancy and keeps the pillow in good shape for years. Its elasticity and subtle bounce allow fluid transition of pressure, minimising discomfort while changing positions in sleep.

Optimum Support

Designed with scientific inputs from head and neck experts, our Natural Latex pillows offer the perfect firmness and support without compromising that luxe, comfy feel. The bounce factor and elasticity of the highly durable latex ensure that these pillows remain in good shape for years.


As latex is antimicrobial by nature, our pillows will remain free of dust mites, mould, mildews. Hence, they are a top choice among people with respiratory issues such as asthma and sensitive skin.

Easy Care

Though the Natural Latex we use is a sterile material and does not require frequent cleaning, sleep hygiene experts recommend using our pillow protectors to keep dust, microbes and stains away.

Dimensions: 58 cm x 38 cm x 8 cm